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Window Coverings


Woven Woods

Excellent insulation, increased home value, room darkening for bedrooms or theatre rooms and an overall custom upscale look throughout your home that lasts a lifetime.

Woven wood shades, sometimes referred to as bamboo or matchstick shades, are made from different combinations of wood, bamboo, rattan, jute, grass, and reeds -- meaning each shade is distinctly unique while also blending well with your interior decor.


Cellular Shades

Available with 2" or 1" slats wood blinds are the perfect alternative to shutters. Made from basswood or ramin wood they are among the most beautiful and enduring window treatments available today. They are also very good natural insulators.


Window treatment featuring vertical vanes that can be swiveled open and closed or opened in either a split or one-way stack.

Roman Shades

Any shade which, when utilized, creates air spaces in the form of tubes or cells in order to increase thermal efficieny, sound absorption, or opacity.


Drawn up from the bottom by means of cords and rings, these shades create horizontal folds when raised. A roman shade panel is flat when lowered and covers the window glass completely.